hi i'm victoria. twenty one years old. born and raised in new york, but a true jersey girl at heart. i live and breathe for bruce springsteen and his heart stopping, pants dropping, house rocking, earth quaking, booty shaking, love making, viagra taking, history making, legendary e street band.


Now I know love ain’t no fairy tale
Ain’t so pretty or so pure
There’s a train of unforgiveness
For things that came before
But I know who I am
And I wash myself clean
Of all that muddy water
And all those railroad dreams

Patti Scialfa

It’s so hard for me to be jealous of Patti’s relationship with B because I love her so much. Oh my fucking god that woman is a musical genius!

friend: bruce and patti are the perfect couple!

me: no. me and bruce are the perfect couple.

Well maybe I’m just a foolish girl
‘Cause I always thought the right kiss
Could wash away some sins of the world
Wash away those sins baby and go walkin’ free
‘Cause that’s just how I feel darlin’
When you walk with me

Patti Scialfa