hi i'm victoria. twenty one years old. born and raised in new york, but a true jersey girl at heart. i live and breathe for bruce springsteen and his heart stopping, pants dropping, house rocking, earth quaking, booty shaking, love making, viagra taking, history making, legendary e street band.


btx rumor

"Was told by one of Bruce’s primary security guys that a fall tour would be announced in the next few weeks.
He’s Canadian (as am I) and he told me he’d heard Toronto and Montreal were getting shows.
He’s 3-for-3 on previous inside tips, so we’ll see.
For what it’s worth, he mentioned the leg would start in September.”

take it as you will

this is the best thing that ever happened. in the history of the world. ever.

Remember all the movies, Terry, we’d go see
Trying to learn how to walk like heroes we thought we had to be
And after all this time to find we’re just like all the rest
Stranded in the park and forced to confess
To hiding on the backstreets, hiding on the backstreets
We swore forever friends on the backstreets until the end

Bruce Springsteen

hello baby. its good to see you back again. honey you’re still looking fine. it’s been such a long, long time. but baby i remember you. baby i remember you. and i know you remember me too.