hi i'm victoria. twenty one years old. born and raised in new york, but a true jersey girl at heart. i live and breathe for bruce springsteen and his heart stopping, pants dropping, house rocking, earth quaking, booty shaking, love making, viagra taking, history making, legendary e street band.



Bruce has one specific tooth that is hotter/sexier than any boy at my school and I think that says something.


After wanting a tattoo for a couple of years, I finally realized what I wanted to have permanently inked onto my skin. Everyone I talked to had been inked at different parlors, so I chose to go to Chameleon, and was inked by the fantastic Deidre Doyle.

I’m not afraid or needles nor do I get nervous around them, but I still expected some pain. The most I can say about it is that it pinched, and there were moments when I couldn’t even feel the needle! (That was somewhat disorienting, because I knew the needle was in my skin but couldn’t feel it.)

I’m so, so happy to have lyrics from my favorite song, Thunder Road, inked onto my skin:

"Heaven’s waiting down on the road."