hi i'm victoria. twenty one years old. born and raised in new york, but a true jersey girl at heart. i live and breathe for bruce springsteen and his heart stopping, pants dropping, house rocking, earth quaking, booty shaking, love making, viagra taking, history making, legendary e street band.


Boyfriend's mom: "aw, these photos would be cute if you didn't have that singer's butt on your shirt."

Me: ".....thanks"

What are your top five Bruce songs?? I'm curious you guys. Let's discuss this.



I’ll start.

Downbound train
My Father’s House
Devils and Dust
Adam Raised a Cain

If you must you can add five honorable mentions.

I’m goin’ down
Tenth Avenue Freeze Out
Two Hearts
Atlantic City
The Ghost of Tom Joad

I think…

Oh crap you guys, I love you all! Here are my top five TODAY…tomorrow it will be an entirely different list, but I’m sure you all understand that!


Thunder Road

Born to Run




when a girl is quiet it’s usually because a million thoughts are running through her head

999 999 of those thoughts are most likely about having sex with bruce springsteen



It’s a physical impossibility to not love this man. Holy shit just look at how wonderful he is. 

If this video doesn’t melt your heart then fuck you. 

This is literally one of the sweetest and kindest things I’ve ever seen.

I was 4 people away from this, and I was crying like a bitch!